Man in photo flap dies of his knife wound

he 22-year-old man who made public the actions of a man photographing a woman on the downtown pedestrian mall died Thursday night.

The man, Gerardo Cruz Barquero, had been the victim of a knife attack Oct. 7. Investigators have not been able to link the attack to his efforts to embarrass the photographer.

Cruz took photos of his own of the man photographing with his cell telephone the legs and rear end of a young woman. Cruz posted his photos on social networks. The man who was photographing the woman is not a suspect in the later attack. He is a Ministerio de Hacienda employee.

After the knifing, Cruz became celebrated for his actions on the street, and most supporters felt in some way the knifing was a result of his action to embarrass the photographer. Walls at Hospital Calderón Guardia are decorated with tributes to him.

The knife punctured part of his heart, but he was expected to recover.
He was the father of a 4 year old, and his companion is pregnant.

Taking photos of individuals in public places is not a crime, although some have called incorrectly the actions of the man sexual harassment. The woman was not aware of the photos until Cruz stopped and told her.

Although photographing persons in the public street is legal, there are restrictions on what can be done with the photos. There usually is no legal problem if the photos are used to illustrate news stories, but use in advertising requires permission.

Local television stations take street photos all the time to illustrate news stories on obesity and other current problems.

Cruz was on his way home from his job in a bakery shop when he was confronted by as many as three men. That was in San Sebastián in south San José.

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