Milanes investors say ‘That’s our hotel’

Investors who are involved in a court case with Luis Milanes Tamayo are mystified why his lawyer said the Hotel Europa would be used as collateral to pay off fired employees.

The investors own the hotel via a court-approve trust.

Some of the investors said they were surprised that the lawyer for Milanes, Hugo Navas, could spin the story so well to other news outlets. Navas told some newspapers that Milanes was closing the casino at the Hotel Europa due to high costs.

Actually, Milanes and his casino are the subject of an eviction process instigated by the investor’s trust.

Some also noted that Milanes closed the Royal Dutch Casino on Avenida 2 after he had failed to pay the rent there for months.

Milanes also closed down his casino in the Hotel Europa. Some 250 employees were fired, and they expect to obtain their mandatory Christmas bonus, pay and severance.

Milanes had been paying rent to the trust for the use of the Hotel Europa.

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