Police raid 20 dwellings in notorious La Tabla de Desamparados

The Fuerza Pública, judicial investigators and prosecutors mounted a military-style operation Wednesday morning and detained three men who now face murder allegations.

The law officers raided 20 dwellings in San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados in a section known as La Tabla, said the Poder Judicial. They also detained a woman who was accused of having a stash of drugs in her dwelling. The locations raided included what is known as a bunker, a fortified dwelling used for the storage, sale and consumption of drugs.

Detained were men identified as Segura García, Salas Barley and Flores Umaña, said the Poder Judicial. Salas has the full name of Jordan José Salas Barley. He is accused of being one of two triggermen in the murders of a man identified as Kevin Díaz Moraga Sept. 10 and one identified as Cristian Rodríguez Flores, Oct. 23.

The Poder Judicial said that the murders were carried on the orders of the man identified as Segura García. Díaz died on public street, and  Rodríguez died while in a vehicle. A companion escaped.

The woman who was arrested was identified by the last names of  Mora Céspedes. The Poder Judicial said she had cocaine and marijuana in her home. The Fuerza Pública said they confiscated crack there, too, and said she was 27.

Drugs were found in other locations as were firearms, including an AK-47, a homemade shotgun, four handguns and a machine pistol.

Informal sources said that police were forced to kill a pit bull at one location and then located, tranquilized and removed about 40 other dogs.

This is not the first time that police raided the notorious LaTabla. Last month they did not find those there were seeking.

Prosecutors also are investigating other crimes, including the harboring of a teen runaway.

These are the confiscated weapons and drugs.

These are the confiscated weapons and drugs.

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