Presidential staffer has an upbeat view of economy

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf was the Iraqi information minister under Saddam Hussein. His amusing press conferences prompted laughs from foreign reporters in 2003 as he described the Iraqi military as invincible during the U.S. invasion.

He goes down in history as the most optimistic public relations spokesman ever.

Close behind comes Mario Bermúdez, a spokesman for President Luis Guillermo Solís, whose most recent literary work is “10 Signs that the Costa Rican Economy is Revitalizing Itself.” That appeared in the government propaganda bulletin Gobierno CR along with an amazing graphic.

Among other claims is that employment in Costa Rica is the Latin leader increasing new jobs even though others have the perception that employment is in crisis.

He also cites what he calls a significant shift in employment data that A.M. Costa Rica

Government perception of the economy

Government perception of the economy

earlier pointed out represent no statistical difference.

He also says that international organizations believe that Costa Rica will show a 3 percent growth during 2015, that inflation and the exchange rate with the U.S. dollar remains stable.

Bermúdez is doing exactly what public relations people are supposed to do.

He is repeating what his boss, the president, said last month. He is coordinator of content for the presidential Web site.

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