Public school students will get lunch over holidays

Educators will continue to feed some 41,000 students during the annual vacations from Dec. 10 to Feb. 5, the Ministerio de Educación Pública said Tuesday.

This is an expenditure of some $1.4 million in food, facilities and employee time.

Involved are some 121 school dining areas in 75 priority districts, said the ministry.

Normally these students who are said to be in vulnerable conditions and poverty are fed lunch during the school year. This is a continuation of that program.

In some cases, students secretly take food home to share with their families.

The ministry said that inspectors will keep an eye on each school and make adjustments to the program as needed.

Costa Rican public schools are on a February to December schedule. Some private schools are on the U.S. calendar of August to May. And other private schools will be ending the 2015 year a bit early next week.

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