Solís defends his decision to admit Cuban migrants

President Luis Guillermo Solís went on television Sunday night to defend his decision to allow about 2,500 Cuban migrants to enter the country.

Also Sunday the national emergency commission said that nearly 2,000 Cubans were in shelters in Guanacaste and Upala. And three more shelters were being opened in San Ramón and Guatuso as well as one more in Upala.

Costa Rica began admitting the Cuban migrants last week, and now a meeting of foreign ministers is planned for Tuesday in San Salvador to figure out what to do next.

Nicaragua has refused to allow the migrants to enter that country, so they are stuck in Costa Rica. Their goal is the United States where Cubans get preferential treatment.

Solís did not say anything new in his talk but he stressed the need for Costa Rica to defend human rights.

There has been some low-level concern voiced by opposition politicians and some citizens, particularly at the cost of housing and feeding the migrants, which is likely to reach several hundred thousands of dollars.

He said the country was guaranteeing a secure and dignified transit of Costa Rica.

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