Those beaten up plastic highway posts being replaced

Some 10 percent of those flexible plastic posts dividing a section of Ruta 32 are being replaced because they have been beaten up by motorists since being installed in June.

The 2,000 posts mark the center line of the two-lane highway from Santa Elena de San Isidro de Heredia to Río Frio. They were installed with much fanfare in June.

The meter-high plastic posts are hard to miss even in foggy weather.

In fact, some motorists do not want to miss them. The Consejo de Seguridad Vial has videos of motorists deliberately knocking down the posts. The devices are designed to take up to 75 hits during their useful life.

The Consejo said that damaged bright yellow posts are being replaced and that reflective tape will be installed on all of them. The work will be done by J L Señalización y Arquitectura S.A., the same

Highway crew replaces a damaged post.

Highway crew replaces a damaged post.

firm that installed the posts in June. The contract is for  223 million colons or about $422,000. The 39-kilometer stretch of highway is part of the San José-Limón route, and it is prone to serious mishaps.

The posts are supposed to reduce head-on mishaps by 20 percent, said the Consejo.

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