Today can be a shopper’s black day, too

Today is black Friday, the day retailers hope shoppers will put them in the black.

Some of those in the big crowds will not be shoppers. In Costa Rica they will be undercover police and surveyors from the economic ministry checking up on compliance with the laws.

There are a lot of rules connected with making offers to customers, and the  Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio enforces them.

But the Internet is still unpoliced. An example is the Walmart offer above. It arrived early today and promises a $50 Walmart gift.

The offer might be more believable if the email did not come from a .top domain, which normally means China. The domain is

Anyone who clicks on the graphic to get the $50 gift is going to an unknown Web site where anything can happen.

Such scams are spammed to email users all the time, but the juxtaposition with black Friday makes the offer more believable., the domain register, identifies the .top domain as one that was created for the Chinese market because what sounds like top in Chinese means ranking in English. The domain was designed for Web sites that center on customer reviews, sports rankings, and any blog or news source that helps define this niche market, said Enom.

In Costa Rica the economic ministry’s consumer section said it already sought changes in 21 print ads and visited 64 establishments just in the last week.

The Fuerza Pública said that more officers have been detailed to commercial centers to watch for robbers and other crooks.

Would that this be true.

Would that this be true.

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