Tránsito traffic tickets for cell phone use in 10 months total 1,750

The Policía de Tránsito really is handing out tickets to drivers who are using cell telephones while on the road, said Mario Calderón, director of the agency.

In the first 10 months of the year, 1,750 motorists have gotten tickets for driving with a cell telephone or some other object like a bottle in their hand, the director’s agency reported.

In addition  3,978 motorists were ticketed for failing to use a seat belt, and 1,130 more were ticketed because a passenger did not use the seat belt, the agency added. The fine is 103,544.10 or about $200.

The agency also reported that 679 motorists were fined for transporting children without authorized security seats.

That fine is 207,088.20 colons or about $400.

Some expats have reported that traffic police are willing to make roadside arrangements so that the motorist can avoid a steep fine.  The violations with cell telephones, seat belts and children are epidemic and can be seen repeatedly in the Central Valley.

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