U.S. Embassy staffers take note of home invasions

The U.S. Embassy staff  has responded to home invasions involving U.S. and Canadian victims.

Although such crimes are epidemic, embassy staffers hardly ever comment or issue warnings on them.

But Tuesday an embassy email said that two assailants wearing dark clothes and masks and armed with pistols, entered a residential compound by way of a malfunctioning pedestrian gate. The embassy email  incorrectly called this a burglary, when in  fact, this is armed robbery because some victim must have confronted the armed men.

The embassy email did not give a location, but this almost certainly took place in Escazú where many embassy staffers live. There were no local police reports of the incidents.

Police here usually only issue bulletins when a suspect has been caught.

The embassy “reminds all U.S. citizens that situational awareness and knowledge of your surroundings are the most important tools we have to help keep ourselves safe.” Then the email gave a list of obvious safety precautions. like making sure locks work.

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