Watson has a long, heroic record

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

I read Al Gastón’s accusation that A.M. Costa Rica unjustifiably takes a favorable slant toward the actions of marine activist Capt. Paul Watson in his lifelong attempt to save marine life from cruelty and exploitation.

Watson has had a long and heroic record in defending nature, so it would be impossible to include full details of every incident or conflict he has been involved in. Not covering what happened in Germany after he was arrested, or what “acting at the request of Guatemalan authorities” really means, is not critical to knowing in his current effort to get the Costa Rican government to clear his name.

Watson’s high-seas actions are hardly mere escapades. How trivializing is that for someone who puts his life on the line for his beliefs and inspires thousands to volunteer for his cause, thereby risking life, limb and liberty in the process? Watson is a true leader. He has even assembled an armada of ships to take on poachers and outlaw whalers head-on. Paul Watson knows the meaning of the word action and has saved thousands of whales and countless other marine mammals and fish.

I fail to see how Watson’s methods are quite self-serving. Sure, Watson gets a lot of publicity, which is needed to disseminate information and generate support, but like I always say, “It takes a big ego to do a big job.” I often wonder who will take the helm when Capt. Watson dies. The marine life of this planet will lose its strongest ally.

As far as the rule of law is concerned, you well know that they are being blatantly ignored, even flaunted, in this case. And just because some laws are laws doesn’t necessarily make them right, to wit: the Faroese anti-grindarap laws.

Finally, Gastón’s paranoia that, left unchecked, Watson’s actions will be more widely condoned and bring on anarchy is simply laughable.

A.M. Costa Rica’s daily recap is balanced fine, without any offending slant, and no disservice done. I read it every morning when the notification alert pings me awake. Please keep up the good work and useful information.

Walt Clayton
San Isidro de Grecia
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