Watson story was not complete

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

In the story about Paul Watson you fail to mention his actions after he was arrested in Germany . . . a fairly relevant part of the story.  As you know, there’s also a bit more to the story in regard to Watson  “acting at the request of Guatemalan authorities.”

Your stories about Watson always seem to be slanted toward him. Is he a personal friend or do you just admire his escapades from afar? Me?  I just don’t think anyone is above the law, no matter how just they believe their cause is.

And no, I don’t have any financial interest in shark finning or any other commercial fishing activity.  In fact, quite the opposite; I support Watson’s general objectives for marine conservation, just believe his methods are quite self-serving and would lead to anarchy if more widely condoned.

My interest in Watson’s activities stem from being a retired U.S. Coast Guard officer that worked with the Central American maritime services for many years, including in Costa Rica and Guatemala.

It does a disservice to your fine publication to present slanted stories. Presented with balanced facts, your readers can make up their own minds without being guided to a particular point of view.

AL Gastón
Port Orchard, Washington
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