What’s this about a chill in the tropics?

I am told, by those who have lived in Costa Rica a lot longer than I have  that the end of the rainy season is often presaged by a cold spell.

I know all about cold spells, having suffered through them for many years.  A cold spell is when the green leaves turn red and yellow and fall off the trees.  Except a lot of my leaves are already red and have been for months.  So that’s not it.

Another sure sign of a cold spell is finding a frosty window pane
when you wake up in the morning, but that hasn’t happened either.  Or maybe you hear the click and whoosh of the heat coming on at 3 a.m. Can’t be that because we don’t have a heater. 

Or maybe the grass is crunchy with frost?  Nah.  And that funny, fluffy, white stuff that used to fall from the sky?  Not happening.  So what is all this talk about a cold spell and can it really mean that the rainy season will soon be over?  I haven’t got a clue.

What I can tell you is that I had to put a blanket – a blanket! – on my bed last night.  Not only that, but I got up and closed my window at 4 a.m.  This is a sad state of affairs for someone living in the tropics.

And what about my garden?  Will my flowers fade away from the chill?  Will the squash curl up and die?  Well, not so far, although my tomatoes seem to be suffering a bit.  All in all, the garden seems to be weathering the chill better than I am, even with my extra blanket.  But does all this actually presage an end to the rain.   I asked the experts, that is, my  friends who are native born Costa Ricans, and the answer was:  Yes and No.

Okay, come on guys, quit messing with me.  Yes and No?  I want to plan ahead.  Do I need to go out now and buy hose that will stretch from the house to the new vegetable garden or can I wait a while?  What about my transplants?  Will I need to plan on being home every day to keep them watered or can I take that three days we have planned at the beach.

Sadly, the weather sages have no answer except, wait and see.  torleyheader062314

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