A few players are very happy while the rest wait until next year

The Gordo lottery drawing Sunday left some extraordinarily happy and others are reporting to work as normal today.

The winning number with the series 139 and the number 63 became known early in the evening drawing, and some of the drama was gone. The prize in colons amounts to $2.66 million, and Costa Rica does not collect a tax on lottery winnings.

The Junta de Protección Social keeps track of where tickets from the various series go, and the winning four tickets went to Santa Ana, San José, and Heredia, the Junta said.

There were lesser prizes awarded, including a second place for Series 537 with the number 91, and third for Series 834 with the number 37.

There also were a flurry of other prizes ranging from 6 million to 1 million colons.

A full ticket cost 70,000 colons, and sales were reported to be slow except for Sunday.

Most who play the lottery purchase less than a full ticket, so there may be many winners of the top prize, and each of 40 fractions of

Lottery baskets are seen in this Chanel 13 capture.

Lottery baskets are seen in this Chanel 13 capture.

the winning ticket brings 35 million colons or about $66,500.

The Spanish-language press will following closely the winners as they come forward.

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