Bank scam turns into street robbery

The attempted scam in Guácimo, Limón, turned into a robbery, but a suspect was detained at the scene, the Fuerza Pública said.

The scam appears to be one of those bank bait-and-switch schemes.

A female bank customer left the institution but was confronted by a woman who asked her to help protect 4 million colons. That’s about $7,600. Typically in such scams the victim is required to give something of value in exchange. But before that could happen another woman dismounted from a vehicle and accused the victim of stealing 4 million colons.

In a show of good faith the victim displayed her purse that contained just 420,000 colons, and the newcomer quickly grabbed it.

Police saw what happened and managed to detain the first woman with the last name of Vargas. She has a record of attempted murder and assault, they said.

The second woman fled in a car. The 4 million colons turned out to be cut up newspaper pages the size of banknotes, said police.

Detained woman is reported to have a long record.

Detained woman is reported to have a long record.

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