Cartago homeless get some help

Being a street person is no fun. And being one in Cartago, Costa Rica’s ice box, is even less fun.

Fortunately at Christmas the number of organizations doing outreach increases.

The Fuerza Pública and the organization Acción Real sought out the homeless in Cartago over the weekend and provided them with gloves, scarves and blankets.

The police agency said that more than 100 persons accepted the aid. Most choose to continue living on the streets and in vacant lots, but police said that 15 accepted the offer of going into one of seven shelters for the homeless in Cartago.

The police and volunteers also provided breakfast and other services, such as a bath or a haircut, they said. In some cases, they provided clean clothes or medical services.

One of the Cartago homeless receives a haircut.

One of the Cartago homeless receives a haircut.

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