Christmas gets an extra nudge above Jacó

Jacó merchants and friends report that they handed out gifts to 400 kids and food to 75 families in the hills above the central Pacific community.

This is an annual effort in which the Jacó residents load up a cattle truck and head for the distant communities.

Lynn Gensemer of Chungo Interior Design directs and provided the report of the Christmas Day activities.

“The kids and parents always want to hug us for giving them presents,” she said.  “It’s great.  This year I received about a dozen separate handwritten letters of thanks from kids and adults.  It’s wonderful.”

In addition to stuffed animals and toys of all sorts, the packages contained practical items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, rice, beans, coffee, sugar, candy, cereal and cookies.

A recipient hugs one of the Jacó volunteers

A recipient hugs one of the Jacó volunteers

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