Earthlings get a bit more in the 2016 leap year

Next year, 2016, is another leap year. That means the calendar has a Feb. 29, a Monday this year

So earthlings are getting bit more for their money in 2016. The reason, of course, is the orbit of earth around the sun is not exactly 365 days. It is 365 days and about six hours. So the extra day is added every four years to keep the calendar on track.

Leap Day, as Feb. 29 is called, also is a time when tradition says a woman can propose to happy123115her boyfriend, although in the modern world women generally are not shy.

Keeping track of solar movements is not new. Leap year is thousands of years old.

The Chinese had it, and even Julius Ceasar included it in his calendar computations. That raises the question of why the Inquisition picked on Galileo more than 1600 years later.

There are a number of traditions that say Leap Day is unlucky. And there are others that say it is lucky. Parents manage to fit in a birthday each year for offspring born on that day.

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