Fireworks effort put to the test tonight

Tonight will show the success or lack of success in the efforts by law enforcement to crack down on fireworks.

So far this year, the Fuerza Pública has made four major confiscations of fireworks. Those that explode are illegal, and officials always express concern about the danger to children.

Two of the confiscations were this week. Officers stopped a truck in  Cataratas de Bratsi, Talamanca, and said that they found 143,663 individual items.

Officers also said that they stopped a street sale of fireworks in Zapote, also this week.

The Talamanca case involved a shipment from Panamá. Earlier this year officers intercepted a shipment from Panamá but near Paso Canoas on the other side of the country.

There also was a case of a woman smuggling fireworks originating in Nicaragua while she was a passenger on a bus.

The Hospital Nacional de Niños had only reported a handful of injuries to children from fireworks this year. Officials there said more were injured by hot water and oil in their family’s kitchen.

These items came from a truck stopped in Talamanca.

These items came from a truck stopped in Talamanca.



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