Guatemala will not help with Cuban migrants, and Belize is stalling

Guatemala has rejected helping Costa Rica move Cuban migrants north.

Foreign minister Manuel A. González did not report the reasons given by the government of Guatemala but said they were different than those of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua closed its border to the Cuban migrants in the middle of  November and created the crisis. Some 4,000 Cubans are now stuck in Costa Rica, and most are in public shelters. The Cubans hope to reach the United States where they have guaranteed entry based on a 1966 law.

González also said that Belize could not give a response before Tuesday.

So he said, the Costa Rican government is looking at an airlift.

As was reported previously, the government expects the Cubans to pay their own way.

The foreign minister also said that any effort to move the migrants would depend on help from the government of México.

He said the problem was not something that Costa Rica could solve by itself, and he said that help was being sought from international organizations.

But the foreign minister also noted that this is the high tourism season and airlines are usually booked at this time of year.

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