Illegal fireworks importers playing cat and mouse with police officers

This is again the season when police agencies crack down on the smuggling of explosive fireworks. The success of the sweeps can be seen Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve when the Central Valley skies resemble shock and awe.

The Fuerza P™blica confiscated 240,000 units of fireworks in  Bar™, PÈrez ZeledÛn, this week, they said. A driver was trying to bring the cargo north. This is the second confiscation since October, police said. The first was on a bus stopped in La Cruz near the Nicaraguan border.

Every year the police agencies, and staffers at the Hospital Nacional de NiÒos make strong pitches in the media for parents to avoid fireworks that explode. Each year a few children are treated for burns or worse.

Despite a new and strong law against explosive fireworks, there is no shortage of an inventory. Police will search stores and turn up large amounts of the prohibited  fireworks. But expats will easily be able to purchase everything up to a quarter stick of dynamite at local retailers.

Some even come from Costa Rica-based illegal factories.

Vehicle was crammed with 250,000 individual fireworks.

Vehicle was crammed with 250,000 individual fireworks.

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