Investigators try to figure out what a man became engulfed in flames

Investigators are trying to figure out if the burning death of a man Monday was murder or the result of some type of accident. One person is in custody.

The case developed in Hatillo 1 about 11 a.m. Neighbors heard an explosion, and when Fuerza Pública officers arrived they found a man in an abandoned building, and he was in flames.

Officers worked to put out the flames, but they also had to stop

a second man who was about to flee, they said.

The site was near the Escuela Manuel Belgrano.

Although police were successful in putting out the flames, the man died later in Hospital San Juan de Dios, the Judicial Investigating Organization confirmed.  He had not been identified.

The suspect in custody is a 22-year-old man. Both are described as being without permanent addresses.

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