License plate restrictions in metro area lifted for Christmas holidays

The Ministerio de Obras P™blicas y Transportes is lifting the metro area license plate prohibitions starting Dec. 21. The rule will be in force again Jan. 4.

This is typical during holidays to eliminate the prohibition that is based on the last digit of a vehicle license plate number.

However, it is clear that enforcing the prohibition is not a priority of the traffic police any more.

Monday dozens of vehicles with the final plate digit of 1 or 2 could be seen traveling unmolested through the San JosÈ streets.

There are no more police checkpoints on key streets. They may be resumed Jan. 4.

However, motorists need to plan their travel so that they avoid San JosÈ Saturday because main streets will be closed in anticipation of the Festival de la Luz parade.

Starting Christmas Zapote will be jammed with persons headed to the end-of-the-year fiestas that run until Jan. 4. And the day after Christmas, horses take the city streets for the annual Tope Nacional.

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