Money approved to move Canal 13 tower

The legislature has passed a budget adjustment that contains a provision for the state radio and television system to move its transmission tower.

The tower is in jeopardy from a landslide and possible future activity by the Volcán Irazú, which is east of the central canton of San José.

The state system is the Sistema Nacional de Radio y Televisión, which issued an unusually candid appeal last week. It said that unless the transmission tower money were approved, it would be off the air for a year.

In addition, the system said it did not have the funds to pay salaries or the mandatory Christmas bonus.

The transmission tower handles the signals of both Canal 13 and Radio Nacional.

Moving the transmitter was recommended by the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias after an Irazú landslide a year ago. A number of other firms already have moved their transmitters, including Radio Partes S.A., Canal 23, Radio Rumbo, Sinfonola, Prisa Radio, Extra TV, Radio Columbia, Faro del Caribe and Canal 50, said the system.

Radio Nacional broadcasts on 101.5 FM.

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