Residents in Grecia community block work to protect their water source

Residents of  Tacares de Grecia blocked work on a water line Wednesday, and the work will continue today under police protection.

The Instituto de Acueductos y Alcantarillados said its contractor was blocked when the residents pulled a trailer over the section where work was to be done and shouted at those doing the job.

There has been a months-long dispute involving residents of this Grecia community because the water company is tapping a water source there for some 21,000 residents of nearby Atenas.

The work Wednesday was to make the connection between existing pipes and the 23 kilometers of new pipe.

Tacares residents have been expressing their unhappiness since the middle of the year over the job.

The work Wednesday was at Calle Flores in Grecia, the state water company said, noting that access to water is a human right. The dispute is similar to others elsewhere in the country.

Residents and agitators in Sardinal burned pipes there in a similar protest against water destined for Playa del Coco developments.

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