Reventazón project flow stopped

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad reports that a second tunnel has been closed at the Proyecto Hidroeléctrico Reventazón. That means there is a pause in filling the 700-hectare reservoir while tests are being carried out on the dam structure.

The reservoir is fed by two 14-meter tunnels that bring water from the Río Reventazón. The first tunnel was closed in October.

With the delay in filling the reservoir, company personnel are continuing to rescue wildlife that may be trapped by the water level, said the company.

Eventually the reservoir will hold 300 million cubic meters of water. Eventually the water will feed turbines for electrical generation, but that facility is not yet completed.

The maximum level of the reservoir is expected to be reached next year, depending on the flow of the river, said the company.

A network of hundreds of sensors has been set up around the reservoir. The addition of the water to the land will apply weight that has not been there previously. Neighbors already have complained that the actions of building the dam have caused shifts in the landscape.

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