Rural themes dominate new exhibit

Sámara artist Cher Compton presents her work Dec. 12 in a new exhibit at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, which is west of Liberia.

The  University of Maryland grad emphasizes rural Costa Rican scenes including cattle, horses, wildlife and the emblematic teams of oxen.

The exhibit is called “Bajo el Sol / Under the Sun”

The U.S. East-coast native traveled to and from Costa Rica for several years, said the gallery. Finding the simplicity of daily life and magnificent natural surroundings in Costa Rica like wonderful gifts, she and her family embraced Sámara as their new home, the gallery added.

“I find myself painting new subjects because of an irresistible desire to comprehend and absorb it, trying to combine my exploration with my own thoughts about culture,” she was quoted as saying.

In addition to numerous exhibitions and participation in award-winning juried competitions throughout the U.S., Ms. Compton has taught and mentored young adults and children in her spare time, the gallery said.

Says the artist, “I remember the exact moment I decided to become an artist. I was only five years old and was with this little boy who was drawing on a piece of paper. He kept making all these lines, what appeared to be scribbling, and before I knew it there was a zebra looking up at me! And I mean this really looked like a zebra. It was the best magic trick I had ever seen. I knew at that moment that I wanted to make that magic.”

The Hidden Garden Art Gallery, is located five kilometers west of the Daniel Oduber Airport. For more information, readers can contact 2667-0592, 8386-6872, or

Artist Cher Compton at work

Artist Cher Compton at work

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