Three missing mountain bikers finally reach safety

The plight of three Costa Rican mountain bikers might be instructive to tourists and expats who decide to plunge on their own into the country’s jungles.

The three bikers finally reached safety Monday at 4:20 p.m. after being stuck in the jungle since Saturday. Three separate Cruz Roja rescue teams were required to find them and guide them to civilization.

The first team located them Sunday but was unable to exit the area, in part due to fog and rain. A second team was unable to meet up with the first team, and a third team was dispatched Sunday night.

In all, the Cruz Roja said its rescue crews spent 36 hours traversing difficult territory.

They rescued men were identified as Omar Jiménez, 45, Francisco Torres, 38, and José Acuña, 50. A hotel security camera recorded the three entering the mountains around Cerro Zurquí Saturday.

Zurquí is a peak in the central mountains.

So the Cruz Roja has a pretty good idea in what area the men might be found. The Cruz Roja rescues a number of hikers each year, but some who enter the jungle never are seen again.

José Acuña gestures as he reaches safety.

José Acuña gestures as he reaches safety.

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