Weekend weather predicted to be windy and chilly

A cold front over the Gulf of México is expected to bring high winds to Costa Rica today, and the gusty weather is expected to remain through Tuesday.

That was the word Thursday from the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional, which also predicted a dip in temperature.

The weather institute says it expects winds of up to 90 kph or about 58 mph in the mountains with gusts up to 70 kph in the lower elevations. That’s about 44 mph.

A bulletin Thursday said that the cold front is pushing south and increasing the atmospheric pressure, hence the wind.

Winds and chilly weather is typical this time of year. Whenever the temperature in the Central Valley dips to about 13 or 14 degrees C,  55.5 to 57 degrees F, Costa Ricans button up and complain.

Many homes are not designed to fend off chilly weather.

And along the San José pedestrian mall, street vendors break out woolens and Andean type garb.

The weather institute also said that the chilly weather will increase the rainfall on the Caribbean coast and in the northern zone and increase cloudiness over the Central Valley.

The beach communities will not be getting cold weather, but there is wind likely. That can deceive residents when they are out in the full sun. The weather institute urged that residents avoid being exposed between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

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