Welcome, tourists, but watch out for the rip tides

Welcome, tourists,

Thank you for choosing Costa Rica as a winter holiday destination. You will find the people generous and considerate.

Not so the oceans. We want you to return to your normal lives without problems. So we want to warn you of the danger that lurks in the oceans.

The problem is the rip tides that appear and vanish without obvious signs. Each year Costa Ricans and visitors become victims.

They include individuals who are far more athletic and skilled in the water than you are.

The best way to defeat rip tides is to know they exist. They can grab you and hold you captive until your lose all your strength.

Costa Rica has been aggressive in alerting visitors. And tourism officials would prefer not to. Hence this message.

There are many techniques for defeating the rip tide. Some say you should go with the flow, and others say you should try to move to the side out of the strongest part of the underwater stream.

We say you should talk to locals at the beach to find out if there is a rip tide problem. Then you should avoid that section where the waves create these conditions. Rip tides exist on both Pacific and Caribbean beaches. Most have no lifeguard protection.

Visitors also should consider doing an Internet search on the topic to become familiar with what might happen.

Each year a dozen or more tourists become victims of the ocean, and most were caught in rip tides. We would like to see zero fatalities this high season.

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