Another violent crime gives country new black eye

Criminals gave Costa Rica another black eye Tuesday when they violently robbed Dutch expats who run a hospitality operation in  Sarapiquí in the northern part of the country.

Unlike many such incidents that are kept hidden to protect reputation, expat Henk Peters posted a surveillance video that shows a man trying to strangle his wife, Carolien.

The Tuesday night crime follows by just a day a report that two Dutch expats were found dead along with their hired hand on a Pacific coast forest reserve.

That crime received exposure in European newspapers.

The Sarapiquí crime involved three men, Peters said on his Facebook page. He said a man tried to kill his wife. He and his wife operate  Heliconia Island in Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí. He also posted a photo of the knife the man used.

The criminals appear to have been unaware that they were being taped. An acquaintance said that the men had stayed at the resort for a night before committing the crime.

Peters said  on his Facebook page that the crime marks the end of his hospitality business at Heliconia Island even though he expects to take a big financial hit.

His wife suffered a cut on her neck and an injury to her jaw and teeth, he said. Some

A robber throttles Carolien Peters in this surveillance video posted on Facebook by the woman's husband. The man' right hand holds a knife. Full video in Flash is HERE!

A robber throttles Carolien Peters in this surveillance video posted on Facebook by the woman’s husband. The man’ right hand holds a knife.
Full video in Flash is HERE!

guests at the establishment also were robbery victims.

The crooks did not appear to be very competent. They spent time playing cards at the establishment and even left a sheet of paper that appears to contain their first names, said Peters. He said he was posting the video without the permission of judicial investigators in the hopes that publication will lead to the arrest of the crooks.

The murder of the Dutch expats came to light earlier in the week when an employee returning from vacation found their bodies at the farm in Sardinal. The expats have been correctly identified as Hans Snelders and his wife, Sita Dwahtal.

The assailants there even killed two of the couple’s dogs.

Judicial police in Siquirres, also in northeast Costa Rica, said Thursday that they have detained two men, 21 and 25, who are suspects of being home invaders in that area. They were detained early Thursday in  Nazaret de Betania and in  Diana Tres. The allegations involve two home invasions last month.

Meanwhile, agents are investigating another home invasion in Tobías Vaglio in Siquirres, which took place about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

A man was entering his home when he was confronted by three masked men. Inside, they tied up the man, his wife and a niece, 15, and then sacked the place, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

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