Atenas finally eliminates illegal landfill by removing 350 tons of trash

Atenas officials report that they have removed 350 tons of garbage from an illegal dump in Fátima de Atenas near the Hogar de Vida facility.

This was an effort that began in November. Neighbors had complained that the site was emitting toxic gas and that there were fires.

Querima Bermúdez, the mayor of Atenas, said that the municipality needed the help of other agencies.

Heavy equipment was borrowed from the Comisión Nacional de Emergencias.

The residue from the dump went to a legal landfill operated by Parque Eco Industrial Tecno Ambiente in Monte de Oro, Puntareans. The mayor said that the landfill operators accepted the material without charge.

The Ministerio de Salud said that an order has been issued so that the owners of the property on which the illegal landfill is located removes the garbage that remains. The ministry said that the owners have signed a contract with a landfill in Orotina.

The illegal dump site is one of a number in the country, particularly in rural areas.

A backhoe was one of the pieces of equipment needed.

A backhoe was one of the pieces of equipment needed.

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