Atenas newsman to head A.M. Cuba

Thomas Ropp, a former Arizona newsman, has been named editor of A.M. Cuba, another English-language news title of A.M. Newspapers.

In addition to directing news coverage for the Cuban online newspaper, Ropp also is editor of Costa Rica Report, the daily summary in English of top news stories in the Costa Rican Spanish-language press.

That publication is HERE!

He is a former resident of Manuel Antonio.

A.M. Cuba was in mothballs until the United States began its rapprochement to the Communist nation. Recently it has been the go-to source in  English for reports about the thousands of Cuban migrants stuck in Costa Rica.

A.M. Newspapers, which includes A.M. Costa Rica,

Thomas Ropp

Thomas Ropp

is the property of Consultantes Río Colorado S.A., a Costa Rican corporation.

Other active titles are Retire Now in Costa Rica, Medical Vacations in Costa Rica, the A.M. Costa Rica archives site, Fish Fabulous Costa Rica and Costa Rican News.

Other publications are in development.

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