Conquistadors’ writings featured in book

A new two-volume edition uses the writings of the conquistadors themselves to explain the invasion and settlement of Latin America.

The set is “Conquistador Voices,” issued by Spruce Tree Press.  Says the publisher:

“In this two-volume set written for the general reader, author Kevin H. Siepel takes you on the expeditions of five European explorers or conquistadors, using ó to a greater extent than usual in historical works ó the writings of the expedition participants themselves, allowing them to tell their own version of events, and supplying connecting narrative in the manner of a film documentary.  The book therefore reads not as a dry, standard history book, but rather as a series of cohesive, lively stories told by the men who were there.”

Volume I includes the four voyages of Christopher Columbus and an account by his teenage son Fernando on the landing in LimÛn. The son published a popular book when he returned to Spain. The LimÛn visit in 1502 included an encounter with a local monkey.

The book also includes the exploits of  Hern·n CortÈs,  Francisco Pizarro,  P·nfilo de Narv·ez, ¡lvar N™Òez Cabeza and Hernando de Soto, according to the publisher.

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