Dry canal proposed across northern zone

Nicaragua says it is building a canal from the Caribbean to the Pacific.

Panamá is about to inaugurate a third lane for its canal.

A Costa Rica lawmaker says the time has come for Costa Rica to create a dry canal from Moín on the Caribbean to La Cruz on the Pacific in northern Costa Rica. There would be no deep ditches or water. The idea is to use the existing rail service to move shipping containers back and forth.

The lawmaker put a motion to that effect into a pending legislation to strengthen the existing Instituto Costarricense de Ferrocarriles. The measure also promotes the creation of an electrified urban train.

Rail lines already exist and are in service from Moín to Guápiles as well as part of the way down the Caribbean coast.

The Partido Liberación Nacional lawmaker said that the project would spur development and tourism in this region.

A dry canal has been suggested in the past, but the valley line that runs to the Pacific also runs through downtown San José, and the cost of obtaining land to bypass the city would be expensive. And the rail institute now is expending its effort to bring passenger service to Alajuela Centro.

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