Equality is not political correctness

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Phil Baker has written numerous articles regarding living in Costa Rica.  I thank him for informing the public over the years in his articles.  He has made life easier for many here with his deep knowledge of how to live and survive in Costa Rica.  Plus he seems to be a nice guy.  I think he should stick to those subjects and not venture into the societal side of world dynamics.  I think he has it wrong calling more equal access for women and minorities political correctness.  He asks “what happened to earning your way by being better at what you do.”

That would be fine if there was a more even playing field.

White males, especially older white males, have dominated cultures, religion and the world for thousands of years.  Women have been subjugated to a lesser role because of this.  Peoples of color have not gotten a fair shake throughout this time.  The playing field is attempting to be more balanced and male white domination doesn’t like it.  Where has this great male leadership gotten us?  We have wars going on continually.  We have poverty and starvation worldwide and to a much less degree in male white societies.  Higher paying jobs and positions still favors white males.  Even the majority of studies on diseases are focused on white males.

The issue of equality is not about being politically correct.  I am not known to be politically correct by many, so I don’t fall into that category.  It is about time women and minorities are asking for their fair share of participation on all matters.  The ratio of men to women is roughly 1:1 yet that is not represented in the bigger picture of equality on most issues.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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