He’s no fan of political correctness

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Lawmaker are promoting a bill to put more women at the head of political tickets

More lame political correctness? In the U.S., itís the Oscars that have no black nominees. In Costa Rica, itís the politics that donít have enough women. What next? Are whites going to complain that there are not enough white NBA players on basketball teams? Itís absurd.

The woman card, the race card. The gay card ñ all of these are a result of political correctness out of control. This is why many of us love Donald Trump. Not that we would want to be stuck on a deserted island with him, but because he speaks the truth frankly.

What happened to earning your way by being better at what you do. Political correctness is nothing but reverse racism and reverse sexism. Two wrongs donít make a right.

And shame on the press for being an agent of out of control political correctness.

Phil Baker
San JosÈ
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