Internet speed appears to be facing problems

Internet service appears to be in a state of decline, but the reason still is unknown.

Customers of Cable Tica and the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, known as ICE, report sharp declines in service, although a customer of Radiográfica Costarricense S.A. reported normal speed.

Tuesday night was the second night of problems with Cable Tica, and the company did not respond to repeated telephone calls.

In addition to very slow Internet speeds in the metro area, problems also were reported in Atenas. A recorded company message said there were no problems.

The strong winds were thought initially to be a reason for the sharp drop in Internet speed, but an ICE customer downtown hooks up through underground cables.

He reported a speed of 2 mps when he usually received service at 8.5 mps, he said.

This customer said that he has had problems for a week to the extent that online movies were being interrupted.

Cable Tica offers service of up to 20 mps, and ICE is pioneering a service with speeds of up to 100 mps, the company has reported.

The proliferation of online services, such as Netflix and YouTube, have created enormous demands for bandwidth.

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