Investigators believe that killers were seeking something in Sardinal

Whoever killed two Dutch expats and their hired hand in Sardinal late last month was looking for something.

Even though many items of value were left, investigators said that someone tossed the living quarters and left it a mess. The reason obviously was a search for  some item.

There also were indications that the male expat was beaten. The Judicial Investigating Organization revealed Tuesday that he suffered a blow to the head.

Agents are reporting that the cause of death in all three cases was a bullet to the head. All three victims had been tied up, the investigation agency said. The bodies were not found until earlier this week.

Judicial investigators have yet to identify the victims, but informally they have been identified as Johan Snelderth and Zita Taver, both Dutch, and the hired hand Rivar Avenac Montalbán. The killings took place on the Finca La Flecha.

Investigators are wondering if this is another case of a land grab in which crooks steal property with false paperwork. To do so with property owned by a corporation, they would need the corporate books to forge a sale.

One U.S. expat still is missing in another case, and investigators said that they have been exploring the land grab scenario and detained a lawyer.

The other possibility being explored is some type of loan that would have generated as pagaré or an IOU in favor of the dead expat.

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