Lawmaker promoted bill to put more women at head of political tickets

Lawmakers are considering a bill that would require political parties to establish what proponents say is vertical and horizontal parity for woman.

Emilia Molina, a legislator with the Partido Acción Ciudadana, supported the measure in a speech Tuesday in which she decried what she termed political discrimination against women.

She noted that not even a quarter of the 605 mayoral-level candidates in the Feb. 7 municipal elections are woman. There are 116 woman on the ballot.

She supported bill No. 19.010 that would require political parties to adjust their internal rules to provide equality for woman.

Now the law requires women on political tickets, but typically the head of the ticket is a man while the woman occupies second place.

That is the case now with the current presidential administration.

And in the Feb. 7 election, Lawmaker Molina noted that 81 percent of the female candidates were for vice mayor.

Vertical parity would mean more women in the top spot.

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