Lawmakers meet with Solís on taxes

Legislators who are members of the Partido Acción Ciudadana met with President Luis Guillermo Solís Monday as the executive branch tries to rally its forces to pass more taxes.

Solís was elected on the Acción Ciudadana ticket, but he has not always had the support of the party in the legislature. In fact, some of his strongest critics are from the same party.

In the legislative hopper are bills to increase the penalties for tax and customs fraud, to enact a value-added tax, to replace the current sales tax and to increase the tax rate for some payers. There also is the renewal of the tax on corporations.

The main resistance in the legislature comes from those who want the central government to make big budget cuts. The estimates of funds raised by the new taxes say the measures would not be enough to balance the budget, much less pay off the growing national deficit.

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