Limón ports certified as being secure

The central  government has said that two marine terminals on the Caribbean have been certified as a guarantee of security.

Both terminals, Limón and Moin, are under the jurisdiction of the Junta de Desarrollo de la Vertiente Atlántica. Also certified is the pssenger ship dock in Puntarenas, said the government.

Certification was done by the Ministerio de Obras y Transportes, which has been designated to do so by the U.S. Coast Guard. Among other measures, port security guards have been issued bulletproof vests and provided additional training.

Port authorities have been working for years to tighten up security to combat drug smuggling and terrorism and to maintain international standards.

The certification is good through June 30, said the central government.

The two ports handle 50 percent of the imports and 80 percent of the exports for the country.

Limón passenger dock

Limón passenger dock

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