Minor accident rule going into effect

Motorists are being encouraged to carry that DAM form when they travel. That is the  Declaración de Accidente Menor form that can be used when there is a minor accident.

The law as of Saturday will allows motorists involved in accidents without injuries to settle the incident among themselves. Another stipulation is that the damage is so minor that the vehicles can still move by their own power.

The Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes urged motorists who have insurance policies in addition to the obligatory one to contact their insurer to see what is advised.

The ministry contains the Policía de Tránsito, and the idea of the law change is to free police for all the minor mishaps. There were more than 86,000 accident calls in 2015. However, the use of the form, which is HERE, is not obligatory, and expats may want to call police even for a minor mishap.

The ministry says that in addition to using the form, motorists involved in accidents should take photos.

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