New tax for Cruz Roja reported to be expedited

The executive branch will be presenting another tax bill to lawmakers, according to the Cruz Roja, which will benefit from the measure.

This is the bill that was introduced in the legislature last May.

Because the executive branch controls the legislative agenda each year until April 30, the bill, No. 19.234, has to be  designated specifically for action.

The Cruz Roja reported Thursday that the organization’s president, Glauco Quesada, and general manager,  Idalberto González, met with Second Vice President  Ana Helena Chacón and received assurances that Casa Presidencial would send the bill to lawmakers next week.

As A.M. Costa Rica reported in July, the dedicated taxes has been approved by a legislative committee.

The measure would increase the cost of the Cruz Roja legal stamps that are required on most documents from 200 colons to 500.
The aid agency now gets 1 percent on all the country’s telephone bills.  That percentage would double.

In addition, the proposal is to increase the amount that the Cruz Roja gets from traffic fines from 5 to 15 percent. The measure makes changes to existing laws that have established these percentages.

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