Palmares is the temporary center of entertainment

The party is in Palmares until Jan. 25.

Those going there today will be treated to another horse parade where participants can show off their animals.

There also are Costa Rican bull fights, too, Friday and the Cruz Roja is standing by to collect battered informal toreadors

The Fiestas Palmares is an annual event put on by the Asociación Cívica Palmareña, and Central Valley residents will be seeing plenty of chartered buses headed for the fiesta. That’s the best way to go if revelers plan to enjoy the various beer tents.

People can bring their horses to the tope today but they should leave their cigarettes at home. The fairgrounds have been declared a no-smoking area, and fines can be leveled.

The Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal will be checking out the animals before the tope just as their workers did Dec. 26 in San José.

They will be looking for injured and ill horses. The agency also has warned riders that only one person will be allowed on a horse and that spurs and whips are not allowed.

They also are urging riders to take their mounts home as soon as the horse parade is over to reduce the possibility of the spread of horse illnesses.

The Cruz Roja said that from 30 to 80 of  its workers will be at the fairgrounds depending on the types of events being offered. Each Sunday there are concerts.

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