Pilot plan to transport Cubans called a success but no more scheduled

Although officials are expressing satisfaction that some 180 migrants reached México around midday Wednesday, the rest of the Cubans trapped in Costa Rica will have to wait awhile.

The foreign ministry said Wednesday that the pilot plan to transport the migrants by air and bus was a success and that the 180 who left Tuesday night had reached México and were to travel by their own means to the U.S. border.

There they will receive the benefits of a 1966 Cold War era law that grants them entrance.

Kathya Rodríguez, director general of Migración y Extranjería said that a date for a new meeting of the region’s governments will be set to evaluate the success of the pilot project.

Involved will be the governments of Panamá, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, México and Belize as well as Costa Rica, she said.

There still are a lot of questions. Among them is what will Costa Rica do with the migrants who cannot afford the $550 travel package to reach México by air.

Many have been stuck in public shelters for nearly two months. Estimates of the number range from 7,000 to 8,000. There are other migrants stuck in Panamá.

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