Road agency blistered in report by Contraloría General de la República

The nation’s budget watchdog has issued a negative evaluation of the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad, the agency that builds the highways.

The Contraloría General de la República periodically reviews the work of government agencies, but only infrequently is a report so negative.

The Consejo was an agency that Luis Guillermo Solís promised to abolish when he was running for president. The Consejo is part of the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes. The minister in charge just announced his resignation.

The Contraloría noted that the construction and improvement

of infrastructure was highly important for the nation’s development.

The agency further said that of five construction projects evaluated, four showed levels of efficiency below global standards and one was average. Of 14 projects studied in July all included work that had not been contemplated or considered in the design, it said.

The evaluation also determined that of 49 projects designed in 2000 to 2014 some 65 percent had not been put out for construction bids. That cost the Consejo nearly $6 million, the Contraloría estimated.

The Contraloría also said that the Consejo is more interested in the price of projects and not the quality.

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