Security ministry defends policy of disarming those with legal permits

The security ministry is defending the Fuerza Pública’s policy of stripping firearms from those stopped at checkpoints even if they have a legal carry permit.

The ministry said that a recent Sala IV constitutional court decision supports the policy.

The ministry issued the directive to the Fuerza Pública Dec. 10 as a way to fight organized crime.

The person who filed and lost the Sala IV appeal appears to have been stopped twice by police. Both times his firearm was confiscated while officers inspected his vehicle.

The case was featured in a Spanish-language newspaper Thursday.

The Fuerza Pública has a long-standing policy of stopping without probable cause motorists either individually or at checkpoints. Officers also do that with pedestrians, mostly young people, on the streets.

The police agency cites a spike in murders as a reason to also stop those on motorcycles and vehicles containing two or more persons.

The Fuerza Pública said in a release that the Sala IV magistrates considered the action justified and said it did not represent a violation of rights.

The police agency also said that the magistrates rejected the idea that the officers should return a firearm at a checkpoint once a search is completed. Instead, the holder of a valid carry permit will have to appear at a police station to seek the weapon and complete paperwork.

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