Show seeks British living off-the-grid

A British production company is seeking countrymen to be featured in a show that demonstrates how they have escaped to the wilds in Costa Rica.

The production company is Optomen Television, which makes “Escape to the Wild” for the United Kingdom broadcaster Channel 4.

“The programs tell the inspirational stories of people who’ve quit the rat race in the UK and moved overseas for a more sustainable way of life,” said Executive Producer Patrick Furlong in a release. He heads  the London team. “These families have traded the daily grind for simple self-sufficiency. They’re living off-the-grid and are finding happiness in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.”

The first series of “Escape to the Wild” featured expats now living closer to nature in Tonga, Chile, Belize and Sweden.

Ruth Overend, a content producer at Optomen Television, said, “We’d like to hear from British couples and families who’ve chosen to source their own water, harness their own power, grow vegetables, keep chickens and fish for their supper. Not a shopping mall or a motorway in sight!”

The company can be contacted by e-mail at

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