The cowboy days are long gone

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Yes, the world has changed in 60 years.

The editor went to a different high school then I did.  No one had guns, and there were no gun violence incidents as well.  I didn’t go out hunting.  Instead I would feed the local wildlife and just watch them.   That was fun enough.  I didn’t need a red jacket in fear someone might mistake me for a rabbit, squirrel or deer.

It was mentioned, there are two worlds out there.  Those who are comfortable with firearms and those who are not.  I am comfortable with firearms but that doesn’t make me think everyone is entitled to one and that people shouldn’t be checked thoroughly before purchasing one.  There are several groups of people that shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.

I wouldn’t say that Barack Obama’s new proposal won’t stop any terrorists.  That is an unsubstantiated statement.  As the article mentioned, 10’s of thousands of people are killed yearly in the U.S. not from terrorism.

We have home grown terrorists who kill people in the name of American freedom.  More people are killed by these right wing terrorists then the Muslim scare we keep being told about.  Most of the mass shootings have been done by mentally ill people who are usually on psyche meds.   More needs to be done for those who are mentally disturbed and those on drugs.  All three groups should be part of the information gathered to keep guns out of their hands.

Maybe the real question should be why are there so many more mentally ill people and so many more people using drugs, including prescription drugs.  I am sorry there isn’t more in Obama’s plan for both of these problems.  Maybe we will address those issues in the future.  In the meantime stronger background checks, which 85 percent of the gun owners agree, is a step forward.

The U.S. leads the industrialized countries in homicides by guns.  All industrialized countries of the world have way less then 1 percent of homicides per 1000.  The U.S. had over 3.5 per thousand.   The laws are much stricter in all of those countries.  Hopefully some day we won’t have this love affair with guns.  The cowboy days are long gone, thankfully, and should not return.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona
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